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Jul 06, 2016
District Governor Barb Redder's Club Visit
Our Rotary District's state of the state
Jul 06, 2016
District Governor Barb Redder's Club Visit
Our Rotary District's state of the state
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Hugh Lowham
    June 8
  • Sarah Hamlin
    June 20
Spouse Birthdays:
  • Kristi Wurth
    June 8
  • Alice Nicholas
    June 9
  • Pat McOmie
    June 27
  • Bill Alley
    Nancy Alley
    June 4
  • Geoff O'Gara
    Berthenia Crocker
    June 4
  • Lance Hopkin
    Erika Hopkin
    June 4
  • James D. Corbett
    June 12
  • Mary Murray
    Colt Murray
    June 12
  • John Gans
    Steff Kessler
    June 25
  • Dominick Weigel
    Celeste Weigel
    June 28
  • Ken Richardson
    Ann Richardson
    June 30
Here is what is happening in our club

Pics from our May 11th meeting (everything we wanted to know about County taxes and More)

 Fremont County Treasurer Scott Harnsberger is the speaker

Lisa introduces her son, Dr. Tom Dawson

And Scott introduces his best friend, Kate Debow

Of course, the Mayor had to weigh in on the tax structure.

Mark and Helen confer over the buffet table.

Wonder what Bill is contemplating doing

Our Program Chair extraordinaire Rick introduces Scott 

And the very inspirational Manny gives the inspirational message

Pics from our May 18th meeting (we are all friends of the Library)

Trey, our club Secretary, and President elect

Guess who has Andy's beard now.

Well looks like you have settled on the clean shaven look

Marvin is the finer and guess who collects the cash

Cody Rotarian, Val Walsh-Hains brings greetings from her club

And...we have a new member, welcome Stacey Bennett

Max, we are going to miss you.  Good luck and come back again.

Mike gives us the rundown on the Wyoming Outdoor Weekend


Ray Charles gave the program on the Friends of the Lander Library

Sarah and Mark get some quality time together

Sam and Lisa are newest blue badge members

Mandy, our new member coordinator, is doing a terrific job  

And pics from our May 25th meeting (history-history everywhere)

We had a variety of great presentations

including a video of the handcart rescue

Cap't Cook sails again

A very polished verbal presentation

The father of American Embalming.  Wow wonder how they got that idea

Sam and Liz and Joan Dillon enjoying the show

Look out Sam he's sneaking up on you.

John brought his daughter, Amy to join us.

Boy is Dominick proud of his family.

Bryan brought his son Jacob and friend Randall to lunch

The Whiting family enjoying the lunch

Mark give Helen a "well done" for feeding the WOW crowds.