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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Andrew F. Gramlich
    May 1
  • Mark Calhoun
    May 5
  • Phyllis Muniz
    May 6
  • Ben Weeks
    May 31
Spouse Birthdays:
  • Erika Hopkin
    May 6
  • Phyllis Muniz
    May 6
  • Nancy Alley
    May 28
  • Nancy Groutage
    May 28
  • RaJean Fossen
    May 30
  • Bryan Neely
    Jen Neely
    May 8
  • Sam Lightner
    Boo Lightner
    May 14
  • Rick Rollino
    Mary Rollino
    May 17
  • John Boyle
    Amy Boyle
    May 23
  • Sam Hartpence
    Tiffany Hartpence
    May 26
Here is what is happening in our club

Photos from the April 6 meeting (the politician meeting)

Bill the finer.  He fines you if you do something special!!

Carol visits with Jessie Allen

Sarah appears to be someplace far away

Judi Davis gives the program on her "Sunshine Kids"

Senator Tim Stubson visits with Scott Harnsberger and Jack

The High Sheriff and Representative Jim Allen share a smile

Walter seems to be enjoying the candidate merriment

Former member, Charlie Krebs joined the merriment.


Geoff introduces his spouse, Berthenia Crocker

Max tells us about his travels.

Anna listens to the campaigners.

The Fabels are all smiles.




Photos from our April 27 meeting.

Steve and Trey have a little chat before lunch

Mike and Jeb are up to something.

Well Andy...what's it to be...beard, goatee, or bare skin?

Vince and Helen share a laugh

Riverton Rotarian, Lindsey Anderson is always welcome at our meetings.

Prospective member, Don Legerski, joined us as Patty's guest.

Wonder what these two are selling.

Get out your cash, Sam is back at it.


But Pres Mark is always happy to grab on to the cash Sam raises.

County Assessor, Tara Berg, gave the program.

And the club listened with rapt attention.  Are our taxes going up?

The three amigos gather after lunch, and what are they plotting?