Posted by Ken Richardson on Nov 07, 2018
The Service Committee met November 7, 2018, and discussed on going projects for Lander Rotary.
Read the full discussion in the link below:
Rotary Service Committee Meeting
November 7, 2018
Attendees:  1) Carol Chidsey, 2) Hart Jacobsen, 3) Linda Hudson, and 4) Staci Lancaster
Discussion of service projects
Friday Community Meals at Methodist Church—The four cleanup volunteer slots are open for the December meal.  Staci is circulating a signup list, and Linda will mention it at the next Trinity church meeting.  Our club may set our meal to be beef stroganoff each month.  The list of when Jen Peterson can lead the meals follows:
Nov.—No meal
            Dec.—Jen is in town.
            Jan.—Jen is gone.  (Maybe this would be a good one for Trinity to
                        Feb.—Jen is in town.
                        March—Jen is gone.  (We will need to find a leader for this one.)
                        April—Jen is in town.
                        May—Jen is in town.
                        June—Jen is in town.
                        July—Jen suggested this would be a good one to find another group to lead, as Rotary has so much going on that month 
with the Buffalo Barbecue.
North Park Signs—The parks department staff want to build nice wooden frames for the 2 large signs being replaced, and this should happen during colder weather this fall/winter.
Canyon Scholars Library—Hart plans to reach out to Leslie Calkins to see if Interact may be interested in helping with finishing out the project.  The Canyon Scholars need books to fill the library, and there may be a way to help raise money or secure books as an Interact project, if Interact is interested. 
We also discussed the dictionary program, and whether we could send extras.  Hart will reach out to Dominick to see if there are extras.  Linda said there are three dictionaries at the First Stop Help Center that can go to the library, and Staci has one dictionary that she will get to Hart.
* Note:  Rotarian Jack States personally funded a Rotary plaque to be put up at the library to recognize our club’s contribution to enable the library.
Institute For Peace/Domestic Violence—Joe Quiroz is leading an effort to look into whether our club can assist with helping to address Domestic Violence as part of the Rotary District’s emphasis on the Institute for Peace effort globally.   
Food Bank—Jen Lamb re-established a schedule with food bank contacts for Rotarians to assist with unloading food shipments as needed.  The next unload will be November 27 at noon.  Jen notified Rotarians who signed up to help out.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing—Linda Hudson is seeking volunteers for bell ringing.  The online signup is active, and Linda has a paper signup that she will bring to Rotary today. 
Show Shoveling—Shelli Johnson dusted off the list of volunteers to be on call to assist with snow shoveling, and Staci is bring the list to Rotary today to see if any others would like to signup.
The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for Wednesday, December 5 at 9:30 AM at the Crux Coffee.