These pics are mostly of the a few of the hard working crew.

The Commander in Chief of the 2016 BBQ.  Great job Mandy!


The ticket sellers enjoy a change of scenery.

The right hand serving line.  Food looks good.

The cooks are hard at it.  (it really is hard work)


But with his shift over, Bill gets his food at last.  Good thing that he is a southpaw.

Ken looks like he is very glad to take a seat away from the heat.

Some of the Rotary spouses got in on the work.  Nice hat! 

The commander inspects her troops while they work.


Another Rotary spouse working the serving line.  Thanks Nancy.

Would you like onions on that?  Eat them or wear them?


Hey Susan is serving lunch more fun than running a clothing store?

Dale is glad that his shift is over.

Anna greets customers with a great smile.

Ron's smile isn't bad, but it does not hold a candle to Anna's 


Would you like more than four hotdogs?

Trey and Shelli take time out to clown it up for the camera.



Linda takes a pause for refreshment.  Or wait is that the other drink's slogan?

Leslie indicates that the Interact ice cream sales are booming.


The Past President (by 4 days) take part in the work.

The Interact members assist in the cleanup process.



The interact members look to the Commander in Chief for directions.


And Dominick keeps tabs on the job they are doing.

The cleanup crew begins to disassemble tables and pack them away for the 2017 edition of the BBQ

Trey assists with cleanup and contemplates the preparations for next year

May was responsible tor getting the Buffalo meat free for the BBQ again this year. It's great to have her back with the club over the summer.  


Bill sneaks by the serving line. Is he hoping that he won't get called on to help?