Thanks to our "on the ball" Secretary, Sarah Hamlin these are the highlights of the last Board meeting:

  • We were joined by John Brown and Manny Muniz. Thanks to both for taking time out of their day to join us. 
  • The new member social has been tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 1. More details to follow. 
  • This year there was outstanding participation from our club in the Salvation Army bell ringing. Go team! 
  • The discussion from Wednesday's meeting, about the appropriateness of programs continued. The board decided that it will not shy away from community issues as programs (even if they are controversial). The board is committee to representing as many sides to an issue as possible. 
  • Just a reminder that a list of upcoming programs can be found on our website ( If you have questions or concerns about an upcoming program, you are encouraged to reach out to one of the current board members (Trey Warren, Mike Lilygren, Sarah Hamlin, Mandy Fabel, Helen Higby, Staci Lancaster, Linda Hudson, Rick Rollino, Mark Calhoun, Dominick Weigel).