Posted by Ken Richardson on Sep 23, 2018

 "BELLE" bell nappers violate the first rule of the Rotary FOUR WAY TEST.

Yes it is true, they have not told the TRUTH;  they are holding our beloved Belle at a location other than those crassly shown in the ransom photos.
Scientific examination of their so-called ransom photos leads at least one forensic expert to expose this cruel hoax.
The Forensic Expert offers the proof of this dastardly deed in the dramatic photos shown on the following page.
(warning viewing these photos is not for the faint hearted, the first four of these images have been altered and have been declared obscene).



These are photos that the dishonest bell nappers are trying to foist off as the real BELLE. This is a particularly cruel hoax to try to pull on the unsuspecting public and on those of us that pray for her speedy and safe return


Obviously even Donald is not the REAL Donald 


This is vey CRUEL, forcing small children to join in the lie.


They have stooped to enlisting a camel to further their deceit.


The one holding the false bell hangs his head in SHAME

This is a true and honest photo of our beloved Belle before she was stolen from her crib in the dark of night by nefarious bell nappers.

The Forensic Expert calls your attention to two (2) features that are inconsistent with the "so called Belle" in their untrue lying photos.
  1.  OUR Belle has a very lovely wooden throne upon which she sits.  TRY TO FIND THIS THRONE IN THE LYING PHOTOS the bell nappers have represented to show where she is hidden!  LIES LIES LIES
  2. OUR Belle has a very special Y shaped neck piece upon which our beloved ROTARY EMBLEM rests.  COMPARE THIS SPECIAL FEATURE TO THE CLUNKY CRUDE PIECE OF NECK WEAR the bell nappers have tried to foist off on the unsuspecting public as the real McCoy.  SHAME SHAME SHAME