A great big thank you to our tireless club Secretary for supplying this information!
The Rotary Board met this past Wednesday, September 14. Here are a few highlights from the meeting:
  • The club is in very good shape financially at this time. This is a combination of a few things, such as having a successful BBQ and Fly In, the change in due structure, and more members asking to be assessed annually for their dues. 
  • The board is looking into requirements to apply for the District's Centennial Grant. This grant will match at 2:1 and could be a way to help fund this year's President's Project. 
  • Vickie, our new exchange student is here and is starting to settle in. 
  • Requirements for blue badges have been tweaked slightly to encourage more engagement from new members. Some of the changes include: setting up an account in ClubRunner, attending a board meeting and 10 lunch meetings (over three months), and propose a meeting program.
As a reminder, these meetings are open to any Lander Rotarian. Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12 at 4:30 p.m. in the NOLS HQ Alumni Conference Room.