After much discussion of Lander Rotary finances, The Board recommended the following dues structure to the membership:
Quarterly Dues:  $125.00, an increase of $100.00 per year.
This will more accurately reflect the actual amount that each member costs the club in District and International dues and meal costs.
In short, we will be paying our own way without having to rely on member absences from lunch to pay our way.
"Service above Self" Assessments:  A new charge that will be $100.00 each spring and fall quarters, an increase of $200.00 per year.

With approximately 80 members, this should raise approximately $16,000 per year and will come close to covering our Service Fund Expenses of $18,200. per year. 
With this assessment, the membership will no longer be charged for, and expected to sell, additional tickets at our Spring and Fall galas.

At the Annual Meeting of the club on June 29, the membership voted to accept this recommendation.