Jerry Venters has been sending out Newsletters to our new members to help them learn more about Rotary.  
Because these newsletters are interesting and good information for all members they will be shared on the Lander Rotary Webpage.  
 "What is a District Conference?" is the first

What is a District Conference?
On June 9-11, the Lander Rotary Club will be hosting the 2021-22 District Conference for District 5440 (almost 3000 Rotarians in 53 clubs in Wyoming and parts of Colorado, Nebraska and Idaho).  So what, you ask, is a District Conference?
Rotary International’s rules require that every district hold an annual district conference of 1-3 days.  The District Governor (DG) chooses the location; this year, our DG is Shurie Scheel from Thermopolis, and she asked the Lander club to host the Conference.  One of a district’s primary purposes is to provide training and inspiration for district Rotarians, so conferences typically feature talented speakers; breakout training and learning sessions; and service projects in the host community. 
Social events are a big part of a district conference, providing opportunities for Rotarians and their partners/spouses to enjoy friendship, fellowship and fun, all key elements of Rotary.  At the District Conference here in June, for example, there will be an opening social at the Museum of the American West and a closing BBQ dinner with a band and karaoke, with numerous cocktail hours and events in between. And there will be numerous hiking, biking and other outdoor activities and tours to showcase Lander.
The District Conference is a District Governor’s highlight event of the year, a time to present awards and recognitions and celebrate the accomplishments of the year.  The burden is on the local host club -- that’s the Lander Rotary Club this year -- to help make all of this happen.  Mike Lilygren,, is the District Conference Committee Chair and will welcome your help. The full program and registration (required) can be found at