Posted by Ken Richardson on Sep 21, 2019
Rotary Service Committee Meeting
September 4, 2019
Attendees:  1) Linda Hudson, 2) Staci Lancaster, 3) Jen Peterson, and 4) Dottie Tonkowich.
Discussion of service projects
Rotary Readers—Reading teams and substitutes have been set, and teams should be reading to Gannett Peak Elementary students.
Dictionaries—Linda is working with Dominick to order the dictionaries, so that we can be on schedule to distribute the dictionaries by the beginning of October.  Linda looked into ordering Spanish/English dictionaries for the Canyon Scholars.  The company does not ship to Mexico, but Linda is exploring shipping options or coordinating with Canyon Scholars contacts in the U.S. to get them there.     
Friday Community Meals at Methodist Church—Meal schedule and leadership is as follows:
                        September (9/20)—Jen is leading this meal.
October (10/18)—Jen may not be here.  Staci and Jen will ask Mike
Lilygren if he can possibly cover the meal. 
November (11/15)—Jen is checking with Mark to see if there will be
a meal this month.
December (12/20)—Jen is checking with Mark to see if there will be
a meal this month.  Jen is definitely gone for this meal.  Dottie
Tonkowich is willing to lead this meal.
Canyon Scholars—Hart reported at the last meeting that Bill Alley was able to
get information from the school’s principal regarding what the school needs in
terms of books, computers, etc.  The next step is identifying items on the
list to source for the library with the funds the Rotary Board approved. 
Linda checked on partnering with Scholastic Books to send books for the library,
and Scholastic does not ship books to Mexico.
Food Bank—Jen Lamb is notifying her list of volunteers of opportunities to help unload food deliveries at the Food Bank as they are scheduled. 
Salvation Army Bell Ringing—Linda said that it will be time to start planning for this at our next Service Committee Meeting.
The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2 at 9:30 AM at the Crux Coffee.