Photos from the Christmas meeting


Staci and Jack sing a Christmas Carol while Gracie ponders it all

Mackzenzie Lilygren, Lena Warren, Asha Reid and  Jagoe Warren
add their voices to the singing.

Mickey's guest, Baylie Bdullington, enjoys the singing.

And Mickey introduces her guest

Rick Rollino's father, Lou, was a guest again this year.  Always good to see you Lou!

Trey and his wife, Jagoe Warren are enjoying themselves.

The Club honors our weekly server, Angie, with a check and a gift bag.  President Mark made the presentation

Lance Hopkin became our newest member.  Ken pins the Rotary badge on Lance while Lance's boss, Delbert looks on.

Ricks fill in program, "round table topics?" was a hit.  Rick gave a number of those that have speaking talents a unique subject on which to speak for 2-3 minutes.  John Brown's subject delt with why the 6 Lords were leaping.  He took the option of speaking on another subject.

Santa Ernie did quite well with his subject.

As did Mike Lilygren.

Susan spoke about some funny things that had occured in her shop around Christmas time.  Something about a last minute shopping mixup.

Of course the Senator gave an outstanding performance.

Patty anounced that our club would be assisting a Colorado Club in sponsoring an outgoing exchange student next year.

Don't be so serious Ron or Santa won't fill your stocking.

We all know that Gracie has been a good girl this year and that Santa will bring her all kinds of nice things.