We've had some great programs the first three meetings in December

Too bad a lot of Lander Rotarians missed them.
But.. those of us that attended enjoyed them.

Here are some pics from the December 2 meeting.

A former Casper Rotary Member and
now a Lander Rotarian, Steve Liebzeit,
gave a great re-classification
talk .  Talk about lots of hobbies (?)
that cause wear and tear on the
body he has had them.  We're glad
you joined us Steve.
A prospective member, Lance Hopkin
visits with member Brady Bower.
Linda Raynolds brought her mother,
May to the meeting.  It's great that
May can still attend the meetings.
Thanks Linda!
Andy Gramlich had some words of
wisdom for the club.

We had better attendance at the December 9 meeting.

And this man may be the reason why!
Mike (Moose) Dabich gave the program
on his years as a basketball player.  From
high school under coach Gene Patch to
several college teams and on to the pros.
Told with humor and humility.
Bill Sniffin displays one of Moose's
latest handiwork:  string instruments
made from bed pans.
As usual, our beloved president passes the
tin cup to collect fines.  He is getting too
good at it.
Susan Meeker is the finer on this fine
day.  Of course Mark is right behind her
with the dreaded tin cup.
Linda Hudson explains to the group the
schedule for ringing bells for the Salvation
Army.  Again, the Lander Rotary Club raised
a nice tidy sum for this worthwhile cause.
The long and the short of it.  Mickey
Douglas and Mike Vinich team up for
a special photo.
Patty Troutman brought her husband, Gary
to enjoy Moose's presentation.
Jackson Rotarian, Katie Murphy addresses
the meeting.  Wonder if the Jackson clubs
have as off-beat programs as we have in Lander.

We enjoyed a super program at the December 16 meeting

Of Course Santa Sheriff showed up to
find out who had been naughty and nice.
Since he is the "high sheriff" none of us
'fessed up to being naughty!  Although we
were all nice, Santa Sheriff fined every last
one of us.
Steve Liebzeit brought his Daughter, Faith
and her "intended" to the meeting.  December
19th was her birthday; of course she got serenaded
along with all of the rest of the birthday people.
The Program was great.  Newest member, Sam
Lightner gave his classification talk.  Sam is a
climber, author, and all around nice guy.  We're
glad that he joined us.  He is in the company of
several other Lander Rotarians who practice that
very dangerous sport of leaving all their senses
behind and climbing big rocks.
Sam brought his climbing buddy and wife
Liz Lightner to enjoy the progam.  You guessed
it, Sam and Liz met on a climbing date.
Linda Hudson takes the mic to give the
club the tally on the Rotary Salvation Army Bell
ringing project.  Well done Linda!
John Boyle is caught ringing the
Salvation Army bells in front of
Safeway on a frosty day.
Ernie Over's brother Jim joined us for
our luncheon meeting.  Welcome Jim.
Santa Sheriff and Marvin Brown harmonize
over a Christmas Carol.
Bill and Nancy Sniffin seem to be
enjoying the program.  Always good
to see you Nancy!