Posted by Staci Lancaster on Jun 26, 2018
Rotary Service Committee Year-end Update (June 2018)
Rotarians have dedicated 1,364 hours to serving those in our community throughout the past Rotary year.  The following are highlights of some of our service efforts:
  • 20 Rotarians dedicated 40 hours of service volunteering at the Lander Live Concert July 20, 2017;
  • 32 Rotarians have dedicated 171 hours serving and sharing meals with folks in our community through assisting with the Good Samaritan Free Community Meal each month (15 of the 32 Rotarians assisted with the meals 2-5 or more times); 
  • 24 Rotarians and others in our community have dedicated 128 hours reading with Lander elementary school and Lights On In Lander students;
  • 24 Rotarians dedicated 38 hours serving as bell ringers helping to raise $2,375 for the Salvation Army;
  • 11 Rotarians have volunteered to shovel out those who are elderly or otherwise unable throughout the winter months;
  • 9 Rotarians have dedicated 51 hours serving on the Rotary Service Committee planning ways in which we can help others in our community;
  • 5 Rotarians dedicated 10 hours to distributing dictionaries to area Third Graders;
  • At least 3 Rotarians have dedicated at least 3 hours to unloading food at the Care & Share Food Bank;
  • 4 Rotarians dedicated 11 hours to assisting with the annual Dr. Seuss Birthday Reading event at Gannett Peak Elementary;
  • 3 Rotarians dedicated 5 hours to supporting the Special Olympics in the Jackalope Jump; and
  • 9 Rotarians spent 18 hours assisting the City of Lander with staining benches along Lander’s Main Street;
We recognize that Rotarians serve our community through a number of other outlets.  When others ask what Rotarians do, this is just a snapshot of the exemplary service you all are providing.  Thank you, for your “Service Above Self.”    
And thank you Staci for what you do