Pics from the November 4th meeting

President Mark Congratulates Rotarian Steve Liebzei.
Steve joined us from the Casper Rotary Club.
Welcome Steve!
Max teaches us to say naughty words
in German.  Just kidding Max!
Mike Lilygren pins the Rotary emblem
on our newest member, Sam Lightner Jr.
Welcome, also to you Sam.
Member Bill Sniffin presents the
program on his new book.
Great book Bill!
President Mark congratulates Rotarian
Steve Liebzeit.  Steve joins Lander Rotary
after having been a member of the
Casper Rotary Club.
Bill pins the Rotary emblem on new
member, John Freeh.  Bill was John's
sponsor in bringing John to Rotary.
Welcome John!
Gary Michaud welcomes Scott Hayes.
Gary sponsored Scott for Lander
Rotary membership.  Welcome Scott
Trey cannot wait to look through
Bill's new book.  Great book Bill!
Vince is just as eager as Trey
to enjoy Bill's book.

More Pics, this time from the November 11th meeting

Phyllis Muniz's piano playing has
certainly improved the clubs
singing ability.  Thanks Phyllis
for all you do.
Don't you wish we could all sing
as well as Patty Troutman?  you
are a great song leader Patty
President Mark eagerly awaits
more money for the club as Linda
Hudson fines another table.
Mickey Douglas is enjoying
the fellowship at Lander
Lander Kiwanis member and City
Council member Cade Maestas
invited the club to attend the Kiwanis
big doings at the Lander Community
and Convention Center.
And...Linda collects more money
for Lander Rotary.
Hart Jacobsen takes the mic
for an announcement.
Steve Owen gave the program
on the Salvation Army and their
bell ringing program.  Ring those
Bells Lander Rotarians!
Max is relaxed and enjoying
the Rotary meeting.  We are
glad you are here Max

And more Pics, this time from the November 18th meeting.

We welcome two Riverton Rotary
club members.  Our old friend,
Lindsey Anderson returns and
brings Derrick Brumfield with
Lance Hopkin was Delbert McOmie's
guest at the meeting.  Lance showed
that he is pretty quick on the draw.
Wow!  Has Andy's beard ever grown.
Looking good Andy!
The presenter, our own Steve Erixon,
held the club's attention during his
presentation on the state of the Fremont
County hospitals.
Helen Higby holds the International
Foundation list of Lander Rotarian's
contributions to the Foundation.  Have
you been naughty or nice?
Steve Erixon makes the presentation
on the State of the Fremont County
Hospitals.  No Steve, we will not quote
you on that!