Posted by Ken Richardson on Feb 21, 2019
The Service Committee met February 6, 2019 , and discussed on going projects for Lander Rotary.
Read the full discussion below:
Rotary Service Committee Meeting
February 6, 2019
Attendees:  1) Carol Chidsey, 2) Linda Hudson 3) Staci Lancaster, 4) Jen Lamb, 5) Jen Peterson and 6) Dottie Tonkowich
Discussion of service projects
Friday Community Meals at Methodist Church—Meal schedule and leadership is as follows:
Feb. (2/15)—Jen will be out of town. Mike Lilygren said he will lead
this meal.
March (3/15)—Jen is gone.  Womentum has agreed to lead this
                        April (4/19)—Jen should be in town for this one. 
                        May (5/17)—Jen is in town.
                        June (6/21)—Jen is in town.
                        July—Jen is asking a local church if they would like to lead this
Honduras—The Petersons and others will be making their annual
humanitarian trip to Honduras.  We have been bringing a box to
Rotary lunch meetings that is being filled with reading and sunglasses for
the Petersons to distribute to folks who need them on their humanitarian trip.
North Park Signs—The new signs are in place at North Park. 
Food Bank—February 12 at noon is the next truck unload, and Jen Lamb will notify the group of Rotarians who assist with unloading the truck. 
Jackalope Jump—We are recruiting Rotarians to participate in and support the Jackalope Jump for Special Olympics Wyoming on February 23.  The committee discussed creative ways to encourage more Rotarians to join the team and will be trying to recruit more at today’s Rotary meeting. 
Show Shoveling—Shelli Johnson has a list of volunteers to be on call to assist with snow shoveling.
Dr. Seuss School Visit—Dr. Seuss’s Birthday is March 2.    
Service Committee Recruiting—We discussed the need to keep looking for opportunities at Rotary and elsewhere to invite other Rotarians, especially new members, to join our committee.
The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6 at 9:30 AM at the Crux Coffee.