Posted by Ken Richardson on Dec 14, 2017
In 2018, the Canyon Scholars program will be 25 years old. 
To celebrate, a CANYON SCHOLARS TOUR is schedule for the year 2018.  Depending upon prospective tour members preferences, either a 5 day or an 8 day tour in Mexico is possible.
This tour will be led by principal volunteers in Mexico, the U.S. Mexican coordinator and the Mexican coordinators. 
Language interpreters will also be accompany the tour.
Suggested tour dates are around the two middle weeks of April.  
Transportation to Mexico will be the responsibility of each participant; tour costs will be shared among the participants fairly and equally.
A Tour Interest Finder follows under "READ MORE" below
Completed responses of interest can be mailed to Jack Westman at 1234 Dartmouth Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53705 or emailed to
A concrete proposal will be returned to each responder as soon as a substantial number of responses have been received.